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Sticky: Attention

Story: The Calling

Title: The Calling
Canon/s: Dragon Age: Origins
Genres Friendship
Characters/Pairing: Implied Alistair/F!Cousland, Morrigan
Rating: T
Warnings: Character death
Word Count: 1,733
Story Summary: Taking place roughly 30 years after the Blight, Kira Cousland feels herself slipping away and wishes to seek her end in the Deep Roads, and runs into an unlikely person in the process...

There was something intensely liberating about making this journey alone.Collapse )

Story: No Surprises

Title: No Surprises
Canon/s: Dragon Age: Origins
Genres Romance
Characters/Pairing: Beginning Alistair/F!Tabris, Morrigan
Rating: T
Word Count: 1,096
Story Summary: Alistair wrestles with his feelings for his fellow Warden. Gift for blindxdoll for the 2009 swooping_is_bad gift exchange.

If there was one thing Alistair would always value, it was Duncan's opinion...Collapse )

Story: Messing With Sten

Title: Messing With Sten
Canon/s: Dragon Age: Origins
Genres Humor
Characters/Pairing: Sten, Dog, Alistair, F!PC
Rating: E
Word Count: 331
Story Summary: A ficlet that popped into my head. The Qunari finds the changing terrain unsettling as they travel north to Orzammar.

'Sten, have you never seen snow?' she asks, bemused.Collapse )

Story: Goodbye

Title: Goodbye
Canon/s: Dragon Age Origins
Genres Tragedy
Characters/Pairing: Implied Alistair/F!Cousland, Dog, Sten
Rating: T
Word Count: 992
Story Summary: Told through Dog's point of view. The archdemon is slain, and the Cousland PC makes the ultimate sacrifice. Assumes that Alistair is made king, Cousland would have been queen - she wouldn't allow Alistair to die for her.

'Be good, my friend,' she whispers, hugging the hound close to her.Collapse )

Story: The Witch, The Wolf and the Runaway

Title: The Witch, the Wolf and the Runaway
Canon/s: Dragon Age: Origins
Genre/s: Unclassified
Characters/Pairing: Daveth, Morrigan
Rating: T
Warnings: Nein
Word Count: 1,307
Story Summary: Ten-year-old Daveth wanted to reach Denerim but finds himself lost and alone in Ostagar. He's as good as dead. Until a young witch finds him... Written for the Girl Saves Boy ficathon on LiveJournal.

'H-hello?' he squeaked, and cursed himself again for sounding so childish.'Collapse )

Story: Maybe

Title: Maybe
Canon/s: Dragon Age: Origins
Genre/s: Angst
Characters/Pairing: Jowan, F!Amell, Alistair
Rating: T
Warnings: Teen hormones gone awry
Word Count: 3,284
Story Summary: Solona and Jowan have been best friends since she first came to the tower, until the day she realizes that she wants something more, and it all goes to hell. Secret Swooper gift for kaispan for the 2010 swooping_is_bad gift exchange.

Read more...Collapse )

Story: No Safe Haven

Title: No Safe Haven
Canon/s: Dragon Age: Origins
Genre/s: Horror
Characters/Pairing: Haven child, Kolgrim
Rating: M
Warnings: Child death, cult-mentality suicide
Word Count: 1,517
Story Summary: Samuel is a good boy, getting ready to take his place within the Mountain. He'll make Father and the rest of Haven proud, but they can't know his secret.

You're not supposed to be hereCollapse )

Story: Thieves Like Us

Title: Thieves Like Us - chapter 2
Canon/s: Dragon Age: Origins
Genre/s: Humor, romance, drama
Characters/Pairing: Daveth, Jory, Duncan, Alistair, Natia Brosca
Rating: M
Warnings: None this chapter.
Word Count: 1,766
Chapter Summary: Duncan leaves Daveth and Jory in Ostagar to find one last recruit... who's it going to be?

'Oh, I'll watch your back alright...'Collapse )

Story: Thieves Like Us

Title: Thieves Like Us - chapter 1
Canon/s: Dragon Age: Origins
Genres Humor, romance, drama
Characters/Pairing: Daveth, Jory, Duncan
Rating: M for language, eventual content
Warnings: None this chapter
Word Count: 1,538
Story Summary: AU fic where Daveth and Jory survive the joining, and join Brosca and Alistair on their quest. Can two thieves find the strength in each other to uphold their newly sworn oaths?

'Don't wet your trousers, Ser Knight.'Collapse )